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PxMES Production Execution Management Electronic System

PxMes is an integrated system that enables users to monitor and manage all processes
ranging from
product orders to production in real time. It optimally manages your
manufacturing processes through
its real time feedback and precise decision making.
It collects · analyzes · controls the production record, worker activity, facility operation,
and product quality’s information.

Production Execution Process

Management System

Basic Management

Product Code / Customer Information / User Code / Defect Code/Site Information / Facility Information / Process Order / Non-Operation Information / Defects Information / Quality Information / System / Common Code / Authorization Management / Menu Management

Bar Code Management

Resources Warehousing · Release / Product Warehousing · Release / Process Migration / Process Check / Inventory Due Diligence

Production Status Monitoring

Process Operation Status / Facility Operation Status / Compared to Order Progress Status / Inventory Status / Compared to Plan / Result Status

Production management

Work Order / Production Record Management / LOT Tracking / Work Daily Log by Work / Production · Defects Status by Date Inventory Status by Date / Facility Operation Status by Date Result Status compared to Plan / Production Amount by Time Period · Month

Production Process Management

Process Result Processing / Defective Result Processing / Daily Production ·Defects Status / Production Result Status by Facility Process Result Status / Production Result Status by Facility Non-Operation Status by Facility / Process Supply Status

Quality Management

Import · Process Check Request / Shipment · Import Check Request /Process · Shipment Defect Check / Defects Status by Product /Synchronization with Checking Devices

Release Management

Release Request · Inspection / Release Confirmation / Release Status Daily Status / Release Movement Status

Facility Information Management

Facility Maintenance Record Management / Facility Reserve Management/ Facility Reserve Use Management / Facility Operation Capacity Management Non-Operation Status by Facility / Facility Fail Rank Status/ Non-Operating Facility Rank Status

Warehousing Management

Bar Code Issuance (Half-product) / Bar Code Issuance (Product) / Bar Code Issuance (Returned Products) / Warehousing Request / Warehousing Inspection / Warehousing Confirmation / Warehousing Process Waitlist Management / Redzone Warehousing (Terminal)

Inventory Management

Inventory Due Diligence Record Management / Cell Monitoring / Status by Product / Long-term Inventory Status / Product Warehouse Monitoring

System Improvement Effect

Work System (Maximization of Efficiency)

Work Processing Time

75% Less

75% less work processing time in average
after using PxMES

Lead Time

27% Less

27% less lead time in average after using PxMES

Management System [Database]


61% Less

61% less documentation in average after using PxMES

Document and Blueprint Loss

56% Less

56% less document and blueprint loss in average after using PxMES

Product System [Optimal Creation Process]


18% Less


24% Less

Production Cycle

45% Less


Site PC / Label Printing

Information inconsistency through hand-written
process migration management log & delay and error in information registration through manual processing
(24 hrs)

Process Bar Code Adoption

Standardization with process bar codes. A real time warehousing – release system based on actual products and computerization


Difficulty in tracking of production progress by stage

Hard to figure out losses of inter process inventories due to the delayed system registration caused by manual recording & faulty collection of workers.

Real Time Production Result Information Collection

It provides a transparent inventory level (Input/result/defect ratio/express ratio) by a real time collection of production result information based on the unit of distribution shifts.


Difficulties in an immediate response and transparent understanding of sites

Hard to respond to claims and analyze their causes due to the absence of a systematic quality management process.

Statistical management method application

Operation rate enhancement and non-operation cause analysis and response by facility operation rate analysis. Convenient to respond to external inspections and assure quality that aims ISP-9001 by implementing a statistical management method for quality declining issues.


Difficulties in step-by-step understanding of production progress

Concerns on a failure to carry out planned production schedule incurred due to the omission of production site information and the overlapping and omission of ERP material purchase tasks.

Real Time Site Information

Accurate production plan and real time site information reflected in ERP Purchase management support, production site DATA Upload, Analyzing, Support