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PowerBridge Electrode CAM automation software

PowerBridge is an automated program for machine, processing process, detailed processing
conditions for electrode CAM processing. It streamlines repetitive and complex CAM process
to enhance machine operation rate and productivity by standardizing NC Data.

CAM Tooling Automation Procedure

System Function

Automatic electrode tooling

It automatically recognizes electrode shapes and calculate by selecting the right DB.

Automatic modeling direction recognition

It recognizes the discharge direction to automatically change processing coordinate system.

Multi calculation process

It batch processes process such as existing operations, operation order, NC data printing, symmetry calculation, data name change, validation, etc through multi automation.

Automatic sheet printing

It automatically prints out the operation order forms of clients and other documents such as discharge direction map and material purchase orders.

Collision Check

It has an automatic tool path separation coordinate system setting, modeling modification, and automatic block setting functions based on lid, link adjustment, symmetry, shift, rotary editing tool shapes.

System features and advantages

01. Shortened work time

It handles complex and repetitive CAM process fast.

02. High efficiency standardization

It creates a standardized data under optimal conditions since it contains the data of numerous experts.

03. Easy resource management

anyone who use this program can adjust to the required tasks easily.

04. Complete resolution of congestion

It handles every process at one go with its Multi-Tasking function.