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PowerBridge Steel CAM Automation Software for Cores

PowerBridge Steel is a newer viersion of the previous PowerBridge. It creates the optimal tool
paths as it formulates a DB for processing shape DB, processing process, tool condition,
and detailed processing conditions.

Main features

Applied Parts

Insert Core

Slide Core

Main Core

Automatic Drill Processing Tooling

System Procedure

Features and advantages

Pattern Database

It contains presets of selection options, setting conditions, operation conditions, input value, etc and automatically applies such data while calculating tool paths.

Automatic tooling for products with similar shapes

It saves shape patterns in parts and automatically selects part DB for products with similar shapes and finishes operations.

Multi operation

  • It assigns multiple coordinate systems and automatically carries out CAM operations for products like operation cores, slide cores, and varied cores.
  • Automatic CAM operation after registering multiple products.

Editing & Validation

  • Its tool holder and sank information registration enables an easier and faster operation finish.
  • Able to separate and edit tool paths based on tool negotiation information.

Optimized NC data printing

Anyone can produce optimal standardized data by using patterns registered in a DB

Streamlining repetitive CAM operations

Make your job easier by simply selecting patter DBs and conveniently setting process like pattern selection, tool creation, detailed settings, lid link, and boundary

Enhanced NC operation rate and productivity

Its automatic CAM operation progress provides a relaxed preparation time and shortened processing data waiting time.