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Product Outline

Blue Clamp?

Blue Clamps are designed to fit the domestic situations.

Simple mechanism with precise power conveyance through directly connected gears.

Distinctiveness of Blue Clamps

  • 01

    Easy to use. Usable for anyone who can tighten bolts.

  • 04

    Guarantee a strong and stable interlocking.

  • 02

    Guarantee a precise positional tolerance after considerable amount of time.

  • 05

    Compatible with products of an international standard from Switzerland company E.

  • 03

    Low investment cost through domestic production and a simple distribution structure.

  • 06

    Topnotch technical support services.

Clamping tool
Patent No. 10-1935323

Product Manufacturing Method
Patent No. 10-1935324

Electric Discharge Machining Purpose Jig Anchor
Patent No. 10-1570226




Inter-process connection through Blue Clamps

Able to be used efficiently with continuity in multiple processes

Compatibility with various products

Every chuck of Blue Clamps are compatible with multiple hoders.